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Our Story

United Brownsville (UB) was established in 2010 with the mission to be a catalyst for collaborative action on the vision developed by the Brownsville community in the Imagine Brownsville Comprehensive Plan.

United Brownsville Partnership serves as a meeting place for public and private sector leaders within the greater Brownsville area collaborating for the regions positive growth by assessing our challenges, working together on solutions, and planning our collective future.

Because with today’s ever-changing economic landscape, the Partnership is our community’s greatest competitive advantage.

Together we are making our community greater.

Our Purpose

For the last three decades, poverty rates in the two Rio Grande Valley MSA’s have remained over 30%.

Simply put, our current local economy can not create enough high paying jobs to raise our community out of poverty.

This will not improve on it’s own.  If we want a local economy that is able to significantly reduce poverty rates – we will have to build it ourselves. 

This is the purpose of the United Brownsville Partnership

Our Focus

The overall collaborative strategic objective of United Brownsville is to spur sustainable economic growth and improvements in the quality of life of our residents by creating a competitive ready community that can attracts private sector investment.

The purpose of a collaborative strategic framework is to focus resources on key actions that will achieve our citizens’ vision.

This collaborative strategic objective is made operational through 10 initiatives grouped into 4 strategic dimensions.